Du, Wei (David)

President & Chief Designer

David created Grandwatt in 2012 after 23 years as principle owner of Superwatt Shenzhen & Shandong China, he has a wealth of generator set & light tower experience. David has established himself as a valuable partner with industry leaders such as Perkins, Cummins, Stamford, Mecc Alte. David is now living in the Hampton Roads area, Virginia with his family.

Guillermo Angulo

North & South America Sales Manager

Guillermo began his Grandwatt career in October of 2015. Before joining Grandwatt Guillermo had extensive experience in the Latin American Market. A Native of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Mr. Angulo as established a very strong customer base in the power generation markets across Latin America and the Caribbean. Get your Standby Generators, before you are left in the dark.

June N. Cooley

Office Manager

June joined Grandwatt in January 2016 with forty years experience in customer service, sales and finance. Ms Cooley is from Suffolk, VA and have lived in the area all her life.

Gao, Kai (Karl)

GM & Chief Engineer

Karl, mechanical engineer bachelor, over 10 years of designing, production and research managing experience in generator and light tower industries, he used to be R & D Manager of SUPERWATT Shandong.

Shen, Yuanyuan (Emily)

Research & Application Manager

Emily, electrical engineer bachelor, over 10 years of designing, production and research experience in generator and electric industries, she used to be electric engineer of SUPERWATT Shandong and a German electric joint venture.

Yu, Fangyuan (Carina)

Marketing Manager

Carina joined Grandwatt in June 2019. She has 5 years sale experience in generator industry.